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From: Michael Kay <>
Sent: Mon, June 14, 2010 12:46:23 PM
Subject: Re: [saxon] Conflict between saxon9ee, jar and Java web services in Netbeans

> Fwiw, I always thought the "free" version of Saxon was included with
> the "paid for" version, and you would always get the free version
> unless you explicitly asked for the commercial version... perhaps its
> changed, or my memory is frazzled...

Generally that's the intent: if you load Saxon-EE code and you don't
have a license file then you fall back to Saxon-HE behaviour, and you
only get a failure once you try to use Saxon-EE-specific functionality.
But in the JAXP XPathFactory initializer, if you load an
EnterpriseXPathFactory it requests schema validation mode = lax, and
that's causing the failure; I think I was overlooking the fact that this
could happen unintentionally, merely by having the code on the
classpath. I'll aim to fix this.

Michael Kay

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