Sorry, the information I gave you was correct, but insufficient to solve the problem.
When using the copy/modify (or "transform") expression, it's not enough to set LINKED_TREE as the tree model for the input document, it must also be set as the tree model for temporary trees constructed during the transformation (specifically, by the copy operation).
The easiest way of doing this in the Saxon.Api interface appears to be by setting the Processor property
   Processor.SetProperty("", "linkedTree")
This isn't very user-friendly and I propose to change it in the next release so this is no longer necessary. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Michael Kay

From: Abhisek Bhowmik []
Sent: 15 February 2010 07:26
Cc: Michael Kay
Subject: Re: [saxon] Problem in Update using Saxon - URGENT !!


I have gone through your suggestion and implemented it. Still I am facing the same issue.

Attached here with are both the xQuery and C# files.

evaluator.Run(srializer); raised exception "Node to be renamed is not an updateable node"