I have an XQuery that I want to run on the command-line.  It is in the form of a function call with the argument set to a global variable:


declare function myfunc($in as element(inType)) as element(outType)  {….}

declare variable $in as element(inType) external;



In order to run this XQuery, the variable $in has to be set.  It should be set to the root node in the input XML file, but I haven’t been able to figure out the right syntax to do this.


I am able to set global variables to untyped values, like:


java –cp saxon.jar net.sf.saxon.Query transform.xq param=value


But how do I pass in a document node for “param”?  I have tried using {doc(‘in.xml’}/in} (where in.xml is the input file, and in is the root node), but this expression gets passed in as a string.


What’s the right way to do this?  Is it even possible on the command-line?





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