I've looked around Google and the archives of this list, but didn't find much on this question, so am asking here.....
Has anyone managed to call Saxon from Perl? Not just launch it; I have a lot of files to run through the same XSLT, so would like to compile the XSLT once and then apply it to many files. I also want to be able to do some messy entity processing in Perl at the beginning and end (well, maybe I shouldn't really say I "want" to....).
I found a semi-standard Perl API for xslt processers, but didn't find Saxon mentioned as being supported for it. And then I found Perl's "inline" module (http://search.cpan.org/~ingy/Inline-0.44/Inline.pod), which lets you pull in arbitrary Java code that it will compile on first use, and automatically build glue routines with appropritate naming conventions and type coercion. I suspect it should be possible, but very messy, with that.
Has anyone done this sort of thing, or tried and failed gloriously? I could really use the speed and various pieces of XSLT 2 support....
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