Thanks for your reply, Andrew.

Actually I am using the .Net version of Saxon. Does it have the same switch as well?
Rehan Younus

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Subject: Re: [saxon] Out of Memory error in Saxon-B

Increase the amount of memory you give the jvm using the xmx switch.

How you do that depends on how you are running the transform, but usually its:

java -xmx1024m .......

On 12 August 2011 11:13, Rehan <> wrote:
> I am using Saxon-B version, it was working fine for me until
> recently when my XML file size started to grow beyond 250 MB, now Saxon has
> started giving out of memory exceptions? Is this a know issue?
> What is the resolution to this? Are there any upper limits to the xml file
> size being processed?
> What if I use Saxon-B version, is that issue fixed in this version?
> Many Thanks
> Regards
> Rehan
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