I am getting a FileNotFoundException when trying to execute query for a prepared expression.  The core code looks like the following:

SaxonXQDataSource ds              = new SaxonXQDataSource();
SaxonXQConnection conn            = (SaxonXQConnection) ds.getConnection();
java.util.Properties prop            = new Properties();
prop.setProperty( "method", "xml" );
prop.setProperty( "indent", "yes" );
File filDoc          = new File( "C:\\dev\\ftp\\data\\feed.xml" );
File filXqj          = new File( "C:\\dev\\ftp\\data\\filter.xq" );
FileInputStream  fisDoc          = new FileInputStream( filDoc );
FileInputStream fisXqj          = new FileInputStream( filXqj );
SaxonXQPreparedExpression exp             = (SaxonXQPreparedExpression) conn.prepareExpression( fisXqj );
exp.bindDocument( XQConstants.CONTEXT_ITEM,
                              (InputStream) fisDoc,
                              null );
xqResult        = exp.executeQuery();

When it runs the executeQuery() it errors with the exception indicating that it cannot find the xml file: "C:\\dev\\ftp\\feed.xml"!  Somehow it wants to find the feed.xml in the parent directory of where it actually is.  I should mention that I think the java app is actually executed from the "C:\\dev\\ftp" directory but I made sure that the File object does indeed point to C:\\dev\\ftp\\data\\feed.xml" and that the FileInputStream object can read which is the case up until I execute the bindDocument() function with the expression.  After the bindDocument() is executed that is when the error occurs.