This question is open to all: I specifically asked Loana to raise it here because there are people here who know more about Java than I do. Please help if you can!
Michael Kay

From: [] On Behalf Of Loana Chatelain
Sent: 12 February 2007 21:36
Subject: [saxon] saxon and Java6 - performances issue (memory)

I am using Saxon8.8J to transform (very) large XML files (between 40MB and 400MB so far..) with XSLT2.0. 
I recently updated Saxon to the latest patch (Saxon as well as Java to Java 6 (I was using jdk1.5.0_10, both being 64bit versions). 
While my transformation are running faster with the last patch of Saxon (~20%) with no significant differences in memory usage (for a given transformation, it is slightly better for some input files and worse for others), I have some memory issues when using Java6. 
In order to run the transformation, I need to allocate to the JVM a maximum heap size of as much as twice the size I needed with Java5 for some of the files (300MB -> 600MB for one of my files and 600MB -> 1200MB for another one, those being the worst cases so far..). 
I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced similar problems or have an idea of what might be causing these differences. 
Thank you!