Ok, I am a sort of XSLT newbie, so please bear with me. I am attempting to parse with 1.0, 1.1 XSLT in Saxon 9.x i.e.2.0.


My initial thought is that version 1.0 XSLT should be inherently compatible with a version 2.0 parser but a series of small tests proves otherwise.


Using Oxygen V12,  I ran tests using Saxon 6.x and this worked as expected. The Saxon 6.x parser traversed all siblings and children nodes. Switching the parser to Saxon 9.x appears to only parse the top level. In this the case ‘Document/Topic’ template. It does not traverse using any other siblings or child level templates.


By putting an ‘<xsl:apply-templates/>’ at the end of the ‘Document/Topic’ template,  I can force the Saxon 9.x parser to find the next child i.e. ‘Document/Topic/Topic’ template. But then it stops again. Lastly, if I put another ‘<xsl:apply-templates/>’ at the end of the ‘Document/Topic/Topic’ template, I get a Saxon error message of “…\XSL\chunker.xsl Engine name: Saxon-PE Severity: fatal Description: Cannot switch to a final result destination while writing a temporary tree”.


So as you might imagine this leads me to think that there is a difference in the way the error/validation/parser checking is done between version 1.x and 2.x parsers. Yes I have read various similar threads be to no avail.


As there are many lines of XSLT code, are there any specific lines that I can need to look out for to help me fix this?


Thanks in anticipation,




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Could do, although he’s not really giving you any indication he knows a load about it…


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Don’t know if I should reply with more detail.




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Hi Russel,


Yeah long time no speak. Yeah we should have a chat and I'll catch you up on what I've been doing for the last couple of years.

Sorry I can't make the drinky's on the 16th, it's my son's birthday on the 15th so we are taking him out the night of the 16th.


You shouldn't have any problem moving from Saxon 6 to 9, it would be going the other way that would cause you problems.


Anyway let's catch up soon,




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Yo ho Spence!


Long time no speaky, would be good to chat at some point. See what you are doing etc…. your XSLT/Styler knowledge will come in very handy.  I’m currently looking at conversion/migration from Saxon 6.x to Saxon 9.x. Do you foresee an issues with that off the top of your head?


BTW: Do you want attend a wee drinky with some ex-ATI colleagues on the 16th Dec? (Nick, Vince, etc) If so, tell me.