Are you talking here about the output stream produced by the TraceListener itself? If it's your TraceListener, then surely this is under your control? Or are you talking about the result document written by the transformation? In that case in general, the result document is serialized as it is created. But of course there may be cases where the creation of the result tree is the last thing the transformation does.
I'm afraid I'm a bit bemused by the question - could you be more specific about what you are trying to do and why it isn't working?
Michael Kay

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Subject: [saxon] XSLT TraceListener does not output direct


I use an implementation of the TraceListener interface to stop the execution of the xslt transformation at some points. My problem is, that the output stream will be filled at the end of the transformation and not step by step at each command. Could I change this behavior?

best regards, marc