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Saxon-SA doesn't give an across-the-board performance improvement compared with Saxon-B; so don't expect to run the same workload and have everything go 10% faster. What it does give is the opportunity for speeding up certain things selectively. Notably:
* the serial processing facility enables you to do some transformations on documents that would otherwise to big to fit in memory
* the optimized join capability can give dramatic improvements to the execution speed of "join" queries (which can occur in XSLT as well as in XQuery, though they are more common in XQuery. The effects are particularly marked with large documents.
There are also some opportunities for speed-up by virtue of the stronger type-checking and static type analysis, provided you use these features.
The big effect of Saxon-SA is not on run-time performance, but on developer productivity, because schema awareness enables errors to be detected earlier and reported more accurately. This does depend on you actually using schemas with your stylesheets and queries and declaring the types of your inputs (or invoking validation of the output, or both).
You don't have to change any of your coding to use Saxon-SA, but if you don't make any changes, the only benefits you gain (other than the benefits of using a commercial product, of course) will be from the improved optimizations that occur for some queries.
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For one of our project we have planned to use Saxon B package since we found it suitable for our currently identified requirements.

However in future we have plan to switch from Saxon B to Saxon SA because,

what we could conclude, from reading the documents on Saxon is that, using Saxon SA package will be resulting in better performance than Saxon B.

Is the conclusion right?

If yes than what , I would like to know that, How much this Switching of package i.e, from Saxon B package to Saxon SA package, will be impacting on coding?

Are the API's provided in both packages are same and will not lead to much code changes? Or It will highly impact the coding?

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