Strange. Some kind of run-time error is occurring, and isn't being properly reported. It's difficult to help, because I almost certainly won't be able to reproduce it - there seems to be nothing wrong with the source files, it looks more like some sort of configuration or environment problem.
Do you know Java well enough to insert a printStackTrace() at the line where the message appears, around line 359 of module net.sf.saxon.Query? We need to find out where the exception is coming from. In theory, the code shouldn't get to this point without an error message having been output describing the cause.
Running with -T tracing option might shed some further insights: I suspect not, but it's worth trying. Or using -wrap - if the error is in serialization, this takes a different path through the code and it would be interesting to see if the failure still occurs.
Michael Kay
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Sent: 28 August 2003 06:44
Subject: [saxon] "Query processing failed" always occurs

Hello, everyone:

I'm encountering an error message whenever I try
use the xquery-related functionality for saxon (7.6.5).
I've installed saxon on a Windows XP machine, and
when I run the following (which is also the first
line in 'run.bat' under "use-cases"):
   java net.sf.saxon.Query -t xmp/q1.xq
I always get "Query processing failed":
SAXON 7.6.5 from Michael Kay
Java version 1.4.1_01
Compiling query from xmp/q1.xq
Compilation time: 593 milliseconds
Building tree for file:/C:/saxon7-6-5a/use-cases/xmp/bib.xml using class net.sf.saxon.tinytree.TinyBuilder
Tree built in 47 milliseconds
Tree size: 92 nodes, 558 characters, 4 attributes
Query processing failed <===========
Have I done something wrong, or ...?

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