As an alternative to applying the source patch, you could work around the problem by redeclaring the default namespace using
on the instruction where saxon:evaluate is called.
Michael Kay

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I have downloaded the source code and the can see where the code needs fixing, but am having problems with the re-compilation.


I am using Eclipse and have got the project set up etc, but am unsure of what extra libraries I need and where to get them from!


Sorry for being a pain.







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Thanks for reporting this. Suprising that no-one has hit it before. I've

documented it as a bug and have provided a patch at:


9872&atid=397617> &aid=1523993&group_id=29872&atid=397617


Michael Kay

Saxonica Limited






[] On Behalf Of Mark Gabriel

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Subject: [saxon] saxon:evaluate

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I have been updating my xslt's to use the xhtml output type and have come

across the following issue with the evaluate function.


Please see attached xslt and sample xml file.






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