This process is explained in the HTML specification: see
The XSLT specification references this, and mandates UTF-8 based URL encoding.
Is your browser failing to handle the encoded URL correctly?
If so, it might be that the best way to fix the problem is to encode the HTML document in UTF-8. As the above reference explains, some browsers assume (incorrectly) that the encoding of characters in escaped URLs is the same as the encoding of the document itself.
Saxon provides an option on xsl:output to suppress the encoding of URIs, it might also be worth trying this.
(Incidentally, the href value does not contain "an entity": it contains a non-ASCII character. It's irrelevant whether the non-ASCII character was originally written as an entity reference, as a character reference, or as a native character.)
Michael Kay
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I am outputting a href  that contains an entity (Å  &#197) - however, this gets URL-encoded to %C3%85 rather than %C5  as I would expect - why is this, and how can I achieve what I want?