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compile queries

bob munger
  • bob munger
    bob munger

    is there a way i can precompile and save my xqueries? if the following objects could be serialized, i could encapsulate a compiled query and serialize it for later use:

    Configuration (yes)
    DynamicQueryContext (no)
    Properties (yes)
    StaticQueryContext (no)
    XQueryExpression (no)

    these classes depend on a bunch of other classes. some (like SlotManager) are serializable (for 'pre-compiled' xslt?).

    thanks, bob

    • Michael Kay
      Michael Kay

      Serialization of compiled Queries isn't currently supported. There's no good reason why it shouldn't be done (in the same way as for XSLT), it's just one more thing to do and the benefits are fairly marginal.

      What's really needed here is separate compilation of query modules, and that's much more difficult.

      Michael Kay