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Unexpected end of file when running batch

Ron Zito
  • Ron Zito
    Ron Zito

    I am running saxon-ee- using the command line interface to transform
    directories of XML files.
    This error is reported, often several times with different input files:
    I/O error reported by XML parser processing
    file:/D/Toyota/DEV/SVG/120025C.SVG: Unexpected
    end of file from server
    While processing 120025C.SVG: Run-time errors were reported
    On a directory containing 1000 input files, I typically see 50 to 100 errors,
    but the numbers are pretty erratic.
    However, I can rerun the process on the same directory and have a different
    set files give the above error.
    I have tested in Solaris and Ubuntu environments with both local and networked
    disk and the errors occur in all environments; they are repeatable but not
    I can run the same set of files through the transformation process specifying
    a single input file rather than a directory, (one input file and one JVM,) and
    have processed about 30,000 files this way in the past day and an I/O error
    was reported on only one.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay

    Strange - haven't seen anything like this before. Do any of the files require
    access to web resources, e.g. DTDs hosted on the W3C server?

  • Mike Ferrando
    Mike Ferrando

    My experience is that the processor is looking for a file.
    When it does not find it, it sends back this type of error.
    "Unexpected end of file from server"


  • Ron Zito
    Ron Zito

    I am using -dtd:off, however the files are svg and do reference
    I had two cases (out of about 58k) where it reported
    Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL:

    which I attributed to a network glitch, and those occurred when I was
    processing a single file at a time rather than the entire directory. It did
    not report the unexpected end of file, which does occur frequently when giving
    if a directory rather than a file.

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay

    The DTD reference explains the problem. W3C no longer guarantee to satisfy
    requests for these common DTD URL's - they can't cope with the traffic.
    -dtd:off suppresses DTD validation, but the DTD is still fetched for other
    purposes (such as entity expansion). The answer is to use catalogs to redirect
    the reference to a local copy. The next Saxon release will have improved
    support for this (though logically, this is a function that really belongs
    with the XML parser...)