Java based XSLT code coverage tool

  • Hi there,

    Within our project there is a need for something like a XSLT line coverage tool. Another requirement was that the tool should integrate with Ant (nightly builds).
    Since there is no, to my knowledge, XSLT coverage tool available, we decided to develop our own tool.
    The tool is based on the Saxon trace mechanism.
    After a successful implementation of the tool in our project, we decided to opensource it and make it available for everyone.

    If you are interesting, just visit


    Patrick Oosterveld

    • Thanks Micheal for your quick response.

      The site you mentioned is indeed interesting.

      I will add a link of the XSLT coverage tool on the Saxon Wiki pages and perhaps I will write a brief description of the tool.


      Patrick Oosterveld

    • Michael Kay
      Michael Kay

      I'll take a look.

      You might like to mention this tool on the Saxon Wiki pages.

      You might also be interested in the work Tony Graham has done, see for example