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Documentation on Chrome

  • I made a local copy of the documentation, and the XML files don't show
    anything in Chrome 19
    - eg file:///C:/prog/saxon-doc/about/installationdotnet.xml
    - these same files work fine in Mozilla
    - these same files work fine from a remote server, eg

    I guess Chrome doesn't have an XSLT processor... Any advice?

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay

    I don't think it's so much a case that Chrome doesn't have an XSLT processor,
    as that some processors are very fussy (depending on your security settings)
    about the cross-site scripting rules in the case where your source documents
    and/or stylesheets are in local files.

    It rather depends what you want to do. You could change security settings, you
    could use the HTML version of the documentation, or you could access the
    information using a local HTTP server.