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XML Data & MS SQL Server

David Yeo
  • David Yeo
    David Yeo

    Im starting to learn more about Saxon. I have trivial question pertaining to
    an application I have been tasked to build.

    The .NET application takes a subset of application data and represents them in
    XML data. Ideally we like to store the XML data in MS SQL Server. Using Saxon,
    my question is how easy it is to extend .NET API to support such a design? I
    havent seen much discussion about MS SQL Server on this forum.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay

    It's not entirely clear to me what you want to do. If it's just a question of
    running a Saxon query or transformation and then storing the resulting XML in
    SQL server, the simplest approach is probably to serialize the Saxon output as
    a string, and then pass this to a SQL server interface that accepts lexical
    XML as a string. There may be a more optimized route, but that would do as a
    first cut. Or are you trying to use XML held in SQL server as the input to a
    transformation? I think you need to tell us more about the requirements.

  • David Yeo
    David Yeo

    Dear Mike,
    Apologies I had been unclear, let me briefly run over our requirements.

    One feature of the application, is to allow user to dynamically generate
    different data input forms.

    1. Create a template using XML, which indicates the fields, type of fields required
    2. A module is written to read this XML based template, and it transforms fields to windows form controls
    3. The end user will key in data via the windows form, the inputs will be captured as XML
    4. Such user entry ( XML data ) will be stored in MS SQL Server
    5. At a later time, other users of the system will read these entries from step 4 ( XML data ), query the XML data and transform the result in various display layouts. There is requirement to query data for trending/charting as well.

    In the same application, there are other features that store persistent data
    in non-XML format, within MS SQL Server. In all about 30% of the application
    data is represented in XML format.

    My primary question is : Is it possible, after saving XML data in SQL Server,
    that using Saxon we can develop an application to run XQuery to query XML data
    stored in SQL Server, transform the query result into formats for eventual
    display to the application user.

    Thanks for kind patience.