On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 1:34 PM, Daniel James <daniel.james@sourcefabric.org> wrote:
Hi Akos,

Hi Daniel,
> The problem is that for some reason the live source that i'm streaming
> breaks up at a random interval and so liquidsoap drops the connection

Are you using mksafe on the live source?

No, that would help? I didn't thought of that, I'll test it to see how it goes.
> then it reconnects after 0.1 0.3 0.5 seconds later but that still makes
> the recording record to a new file.

Our proposed solution for that is to have a fallback at the Icecast
level to cover any service interruptions, for example when the bitrate
of the main stream is changed and Liquidsoap is restarted.

Are you using your main Liquidsoap script to handle recording, or a
separate process?

I am using only one Liquidsoap script yes. The input is an input.harbor where live DJs connect and after the switch is done. I'm saving the recording with output.file. The script is loaded with other things too, which I believe are slowing it down (sending the current song to a php file that puts it in a database, sends a notice to twitter, etc.), so i'm trying to make it do less and less.

How could I connect two liquidsoap scripts? Like how can I make the second script only trigger when the song changes for example? Wouldn't that leave me in the same position as in having one liquidsoap script?