i try to output to sound card with output.alsa(s) and output.ao(s) it not working
i use debian and liquidsoap version is 1.0.1
i can play some wave file or mp3 to my sound card
it have error on log like this
2013/08/22 23:51:31 [alsa_out(default):3] Using ALSA 1.0.25.
2013/08/22 23:51:31 [threads:1] Thread "alsa_out(default)" aborts with exception Alsa error: No such file or directory!
for output.ao here
2013/08/22 23:43:31 [ao:3] Opening Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) output (2 channels)...
2013/08/22 23:43:31 [threads:1] Thread "ao" failed: Failed to open device!

can anyone help