I need help in following issue. I need to insert a small playlist at the beginning of each hour. Playlist is generated automatically by the cron. 

This is important part of script.

def playlist_watch(uri)
  pl = playlist.once(reload_mode="watch", uri)

radio = switch([({ 6h-11h },  mrn_radio),
                ({ 11h-18h }, day_radio),
                ({ 18h-6h },  evn_radio)])

radio = fallback(
transitions=[to_news, to_music],
[switch([({00m00s-00m03s}, playlist_watch("#{playlists}/news.pls")),
             ({30m00s-30m03s}, playlist_watch("#{playlists}/news30.pls")),
             ({45m00s-45m03s}, playlist_watch("#{playlists}/weather.pls"))
    radio, default])

radio = normalize(usmart_crossfade(start_next=4., width=3.5, radio))

The first track in the playlist, which is reloaded with playlist.once, played twice! I need to khow why and how can I resolve this!

WBR, Sergey.