As part of my ongoing adventures with embedded liquidsoap I'm trying to work out how to display the status of liquidsoap on an attached character LCD module or a set of LED's.

Currently I'm thinking this will probably involve an external process polling the telnet/socket interface, unless there is a known way to have liquidsoap call an external process on events such as icecast connect, drop, etc.

The other thing I'd like to display is the time that the source has been connected to the icecast server, and if possible the number of reconnection attempts.

Are these stats already easily possible?

In an ideal world I'd even like to display a VU meter of the current input volume... not sure how easy that is going to be though with any sort of real-time accuracy. (I'm aware of the rms handler, but it didn't appear to be suitable for real-time display)

On a somewhat related note there, are there any recommendations as to how fast I can poll the telnet/socket interface for stats?