Hi,2013/8/30 Ashworth Payne <email.ashworth@gmail.com>
> Yes, I had considered it.  I just happen to be even less-capable with other scripting languages :)
> How about another, simpler approach:
> How can I precede every triggering of playlist(random,/path/to/) with single(/path/to/file.mp3).  the local bands love being in rotation and i like helping them out, but they're often out-of-genre, and listeners freak-out when their expectations aren't met.  I'd like to mitigate genre-shock with a generic intro like "Local talent, on the hour..."

Have you looked at the prepend operator? Using a track's metadata, you can build a new source that is played before that track. If you return an empty source (e.g. sequence([])) then the track is played without a prepended track.

That seems to solve some of your concerns right?