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SaVi 1.2.6 released

SaVi 1.2.6 does a much improved job of simulating satellite constellations, such as Iridium and Globalstar, in 3D on your desktop.

SaVi 1.2.6 improves the Geomview rendering experience by making Geomview faster and more responsive, particularly when texturemapping. SaVi 1.2.6 makes dynamic texturemapping of coverage a user menu option, uses temporary files correctly for texturemaps, and can optionally be built to use zlib for on-the-fly compression of dynamic texture maps for Geomview. SaVi 1.2.6 adds an option to turn the Earth outline map on and off.

SaVi 1.2.6 now makes dynamic texturemapping of satellite coverage from the coverage control panel to Geomview an integral part of SaVi, without the need to specify the -dynamic-texture flag when launching SaVi.

Posted by Lloyd Wood 2005-02-12