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SaVi 1.2.1 released

SaVi is Satellite Visualization software, originally
created at the Geometry Center. SaVi lets you create,
modify and run satellite orbits in two and three dimensions,
and examine satellite coverage.

View and manipulate constellations of satellites orbiting
the Earth! Simulations of Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar,
GPS and others are included.

SaVi 1.2.1 includes bugfixes and usabilty enhancements -
the coverage map can now be stretched to fill your monitor.

SaVi works well with the 3D renderer Geomview, also a
SourceForge project. SaVi requires Tcl and Tk on a unix
system; Geomview is optional, though recommended
for its 3D viewing capabilities.

Download the SaVi 1.2.1 and Geomview 1.8.1 releases!

Posted by Lloyd Wood 2002-06-23