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#25 Develop a unique report


Hello. Tel me please.

You can develop a report of the SARG our company?
We are ready to discuss the payment of the work, how much will it cost? How long a time?

That's what we need:

  1. report

see image

P.S. Of course this report can later be included in the free release

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  • Sarg currently generates a table containing the information you are asking for.

    Unfortunately, the graph showing traffic usage per user is not available. Sarg has very limited graphs generation capabilities. I plan to improve that after I have tackled another shortcoming with the input file formats.

    As for the report layout, it cannot be customized except to hide some pages and some columns or change the header logo. Going beyond that simple customization would require a major overhauling of sarg internals (something like changing 75% of the code).

    I'm not available to work on sarg for long periods of time (and not even for short periods as it turned out recently). I'm sorry to say you won't see any decent graph capability any time soon.

  • generald

    Well, our company is willing to pay for it.

  • My employer agrees to treat this project like any usual business project. Although we do not usually take contracts in that field, it is the only way I can spend enough time on sarg to fulfill your request.

    You can get more information about my employer at http://www.wowtechnology.com

    To discuss about this project, please get in touch with Mr Philippe Hermant (philippe.hermant AT wowtechnology.com). He is aware of this discussion and will take the necessary steps to start this project. He will ask you, among other things, for a detailed description of what you need.