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  • Clint Herron
    Clint Herron

    I've been looking around for something like this -- great stuff! Thanks for doing this! :)

    • torhu

      Good initiative, man! I've been looking around for a place to download a drop-in quake3.exe replacement.    I'm coding for a mod team (http://westernquake3.net) that is planning a standalone release this year.  What we need is a place where we can get hold of executables for all 3 platforms (win32, linux, macosx).  Cross-compiling and cross-testing is a pain in the ass.

      And the other q3 engine projects seem to focus on making upgrades to the engine.  I don't want that, I just want something that is the exact same as vanilla q3, but with the cdkey and authentication stuff disabled.  And with perfect compatibility with the original quake3.exe.  Preferably with the same filename.  And that would work with the exact same command line, too.

      I don't know what your plans are, but if you could provide drop-in quake3.exe replacements for all platforms, I think you would make life easier for a lot of people.  I can't help with compiling on linux or mac, but I hope someone who reads this will step forward to help with that.

      Way to go! :)

    • Clint Herron
      Clint Herron

      BTW, I was able to get Western Quake 3 up and running using SAQ3 -- you guys do great stuff on that mod, Torhu! I look forward to trying that mod at an upcoming LAN party, and I think we'll use SAQ3 for that.

      It's too bad this project isn't more popular -- I think more people would like to be involved in SAQ3 if they only knew about it.