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DevEnhancer (for SAP Business One) / News: Recent posts

SVN ready to use !

Recently I had the time to add the sourcecode to the svn repository. So, have fun !

Posted by IT Reppert 2008-01-13

Developers wanted !!!

Everone is invited to provide code and suggestions to this project. There's a lot of work to do ;)
email me via sourceforge.net or itreppert@itreppert.de

Posted by IT Reppert 2007-07-19

DevEnhancer (for SAP Business One) has been started !

Now I decided to start this project on sourceforge. This is because I think, that any SAP Business One developer comes to the same problems, and there's no solution, as far as I know.
There's a helpfile with the class library's methods.

If you want to use it, include the sourcefile in your Visual Studio project and add the references to SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM. The methods are self explaining (if not, ask).
If anyone is interested in joining the project and providing some code, suggestions or bugs, email me here or at itreppert@itreppert.de .... read more

Posted by IT Reppert 2007-07-19