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SandTrap 0.7 is Out

SandTrap 0.7 is out. SandTrap was tested against multiple email harvesting bots and improved. SandTrap now appears to be stable and works reliably. Hopefully this tool will be adopted by webmasters soon.

The next step will be writing instructions, tips, and documentation. After that icons, banners, and other SandTrap promotional items will be made.

Posted by Trey 2007-07-19

Development is Starting Again

After over two years without any development I am starting up development for SandTrap again. I plan on porting SandTrap to multiple languages at some point. Documentation is the next big goal.

Posted by Trey 2007-07-15

More Doc Files

Tutorials for fighting email harvesting bots is being made. Two articles have already been written and can be found on the Docs page.

Posted by Trey 2004-12-05

SandTrap 0.6 is Out

SandTrap 0.6 makes the README file much clearer and the $trapdir variable does not need to be user defined anymore.

Posted by Trey 2004-12-05

SandTrap 0.5 is out

I've fixed some errors in SandTrap and updated the README and htaccess files to be more clearly explained.

Posted by Trey 2004-12-03

Documentation Is Being Made

tutwabee is currently writting a step-by-step tutorial on installing SandTrap on a unix-based server.

Posted by Trey 2004-08-10

Website is Under Construction

The basis for the website is being created. The website is now in an "under construction" state

Posted by Trey 2004-07-12