• There are two bits missing from the original samba which in the /usr/share/webmin/samba4 directory there is a file config without an extension.
    These details are the timing values for the cli output if you paste them to /etc/webmin/samba4 then things work a little better.

    I am trying to work out why and how they are included in the normal package and copying the base hasn't brought them over?


  • Hi,

    Went through and instead of just copying the /usr/share/webmin/samba folder to .../samba4
    I used the original samba module and copied all the changes over.

    Also I edited all the config files and language files.

    Its only domain provision but it should work at least :)

  • Ok domain provision, join and info now included.

    Updated the webmin module.

    Please report back as there is still much to do.

    Need to bring in distro folder variables so its not just for sernet and debian.
    Also same applies to start | stop | restart

    Will do as slowly chipping away

  • Roy Folkker
    Roy Folkker

    I just installed the Debian 7.4 Samba4.1.6 Webmin module, and ran into a little bit of trouble in that the samba-tool path is not configured, and I continually receive an error attempting to use any of the options for it.

    I wanted to check with you before cracking it open and playing with the options, since I am running a completely homegrown install of 4.1.6 manually configured. As I might have missed a configuration (something as simple as the module expecting an environment variable or such) step.

    I have been a little rusty at setting up a linux system until Samba 4 was released, and I am using this to try to get back up to speed.

  • Sorry roy not been so well for the last two months.

    In the top left corner of the default module page there is the config section.

    You can enter the paths there and its set from that point.

    Haven't done much of late so will get back on top of things.