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     Kernelive is the package needed for building a Live version of Salix.
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  • Please don't use git clone inside the SLKBUILD file. Create tarballs before running SLKBUILD and use the tarballs as source files. Otherwise there is no way someone can recreate your package. And we also need source tarballs for our source repo.

    Last edit: George Vlahavas 2012-12-26
    • I don't see why. git is available on any installation. I use a special branch for the kernel for aufs, and this SLKBUILD will work if a new kernel is released.
      About firmwares, yes I use master (there is no branch on this), and these don't change a lot. Explain me how someone cannot recreate the package ? By the way it is the way it is done by Pat.
      Setting tarballs instead of getting from git will add some extra works for me.

      Last edit: Cyrille Pontvieux 2012-12-26
      • You cannot recreate the package because the git code changes. I'm not saying you cannot build a package, I'm saying that in 2-3-4-whatever months time, the git contents will have changed, so you couldn't recreate the exact same package. We also need to provide the full source code in our source repo, not just the SLKBUILDs.

        • Ok :( I understand.
          Then I will provide a script to generate such a tarball, and the tarball itself obviously.
          Do I need to rebuilt it ? Or can I just change the SLKBUILD in the package ?

          • Cheat away! :D

            Just make sure the SLKBUILD actually works. The separate download script is a good idea.

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