#154 ghc for 14.0



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    • assigned_to: Frédéric Galusik
  • uploaded.


    • status: open --> closed
    • status: closed --> open
  • I'm sorry, it's my fault, I should have best checked it, I still don't understand how I missed that. Anyway, better late than ever ;) :

    1) All doc have to be moved to /usr/doc/$pkgname-$pkgver
    2) The cabal executable is missing.

    Cabal is a tool for users to locally install Haskell libs and apps.
    I found that miss when I try to install pandoc, so I re-check the pkg.


  • mimosa

    The docs are easy to fix - my bad. Regarding cabal, you need to install haskell-platform (available from slkbuilds.org) as it says in those instructions.
    I mean to make some more haskell packages, including haskell-platform, some time soon. ghc alone is not enough! But it does avoid the need for an ugly hack( without which the SlackBuild fails) and what can be a very long build.

    If this isn't too urgent (just the location of the docs), I would actually like to make some other changes to the ghc package. I have been talking to one of the Haskell devs and it seems the existing ghc SlackBuild provides a ghc ('Stage 0') that should really then be used to build two more versions ('Stage 1' and 'Stage 2'). There is then no need for any library trickery because everything is truly native. I didn't undertake this because the packaging cycle is coming to an end, the current version works perfectly well (and is at least superior to the SlackBuild), and a lot of testing would be involved to make sure the new version works with other Haskell stuff such as haskell-platform. Indeed it might make sense to provide newer versions of everything, in which case this would be a medium-sized project. I had it in mind to deliver it gradually under "submitted packages".

    Anyway, let me know what you think.

  • Ok for cabal, I will check haskell-platform, thanks.

    I trust you for making a better package ;)
    I think it's important to have a very good haskell env., as others languages too, if we want to attract more developpers who want to work on Slackware without losing time installing and configuring it.

    Else, that's not so urgent but if it will take you weeks to build a new one, it is maybe safer to do a quick fixed rebuild.


  • mimosa

    See here on the Haskell Platform:
    Note that it needs to be installed on top of ghc (see Linux page).

    It would be nice to have everything included in the 14.0 repos. Actually making the improved ghc package won't take too long, but if it makes any of the SlackBuilds that depend on ghc fail, that will take longer - it would mean making new packages for everything. But that probably won't happen. I think it would be a reasonable aim to have both a kosher ghc and haskell-platform available as Salix packages. Can you give me, say, a couple of weeks?

  • Of course ;)


  • mimosa

    Does the package need to include the stage 0 compiler? The instructions for building ghc are "first get a working ghc from somewhere" then build it. That working ghc is the ghc that the current package provides.
    It doesn't really make too much difference to me in the sense that I have already done the work for stage 0. So the SLKBUILD will just be the old one with some more stuff added. It also won't affect the final binaries either way. But it does mean a much longer build and uploading two or three hundred more MB of source files, so if it isn't necessary to make a package that really does build from the ground up, it would be more convenient. I could include some comment lines in the SLKBUILD explaining where Stage 0 comes from, meaning anyone curious would still be able to reproduce the entire build process.

    What do you think?

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