Sahi V3 2009-10-22 released

Sahi V3 2009-10-22 is a major release where the directory structure of Sahi has been changed.
SAHI_HOME and SAHI_USERDATA_DIR system variables can be declared and Sahi can be invoked from anywhere on the system.

All userdata has been moved into sahi/userdata directory. Sahi can be started using sahi/userdata/bin/start_sahi.bat or
The userdata directory can be copied to any other location on the filesystem. SAHI_HOME and SAHI_USERDATA_DIR need to be correctly set in start_sahi.bat
This helps upgrading to newer versions of Sahi easier.
To point to a new version of Sahi, one needs to only change SAHI_HOME in start_sahi.bat.

* Features added
User specific data moved to sahi/userdata directory.
Configuration properties are picked from and if not found, default to
element.checked() implemented in Java for radio buttons and checkboxes
PID commands detected automatically based on OS. Commands can be modified in sahi/config/

* Bugfixes
keytool correctly quoted for paths and passwords with spaces
Fixed Java recorder freezing
Fixed Firefox 1st window not closing bug
Fixed handling of local urls with querystrings
Added _heading5
Fixed _click on links with onclick surrounding other tags like span or image.
500 Internal Server Errors are no longer sent as 200 responses in AJAX requests.
Marshalling of unicode variables fixed.
Fixed getDoc errors on windows with variable "type".
Fixed Sahi problems on some Frameset pages on IE

Posted by V Narayan Raman 2009-10-22