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Sage Folding@Home Stats System / News: Recent posts

Sage development ceased

Sage development has ceased officially as of July 31, 2005. Please see here for details: http://samuraidev.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=917#917


Posted by Chandler May 2005-07-31

Sage 1.1.5 released!

Sage 1.1.5 fixes a lot of bugs and makes some very significant speed improvements. If any of you ran Sage 1.1.4 for a while, you'll know that it would stop upon reaching its 8th update. Sage 1.1.5 fixes that.

Since Sage 1.1.4 (the previous release) would not progress past 8 updates, I would recommend wiping your Sage database and starting over. However, if you really want to, you can use the new Sage sources with an old Sage 1.1.x database - they are completely compatible.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-25

Sage 1.1.4 released

Sage 1.1.4 fixes a few trivial inconsistencies in the backend and changes the date selection list to a larger size on the frontend. It is completely compatible with previous releases; just save your config.php, move the new sources in, and copy your custom config.php back into place, and you should be set.


Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-23

Sage 1.1.3 Released

Sage 1.1.3 fixes an off-by-one error in process_home.php that prevented the eighth table from being created, stopping the application in its tracks. Please upgrade now.


Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-22

Sage 1.1.2 released

Due to Stanford's lack of consistency with the Folding@Home stats file updates, we've had a lot of problems with dates (especially considering that Sage database tables are named according to the current date provided by Stanford).

Sage 1.1.2 fixes this problem by using the local time of the host server instead of the time Stanford provides. As a result, stats accuracy should increase slightly, and stability (of Sage) should increase dramatically. Because of this change, there has been an addition to the configuration file (config.php): there is a new field called server_GMT_offset that will accept an integer indicating the host server's time offset from GMT.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-21

Sage Logo/Slogan Contest

Since Sage is just now starting to go places, I've decided it is time for a logo and slogan. I'm no artist or literary guru, so I'm leaving it up to you to come up with something good. ;-)

Sage Logo/Slogan Contest Rules:
- Any number of entries may be made to the contest, but excessive, similar submissions may detract from your chances of winning.
- You may submit a stand-alone logo, a stand-alone slogan, or a logo/slogan pair. Do what you like.
- Logos and slogans may be any size; use what you feel is necessary. However, be aware that a paragraph-long slogan or a logo with extreme dimensions is unlikely to be very successful.
- Acceptable image formats for the logo: JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), Bitmap (.bmp), PNG (.png). Transparency is allowed.
- Slogans should be submitted in plain-text format (.txt).
- Entries will be judged by myself and a judging panel of my choosing (to be determined later). If we cannot come to a conclusion, we may stage a public poll to determine the final outcome.
- The logo winner will be requested to reproduce his/her logo in a variety of sizes for use in various places in Sage.
- The winner(s) will receive, in return for their logo and/or slogan, permanent recognition in the project contributors file, and, if so desired, a copyright notice on every page where the logo and/or slogan is (are) displayed.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-20

Sage 1.1.1 released

Sage 1.1.1 is a minor improvement on Sage 1.1.0. Very little has been changed, but the results are dramatic.

Thanks to common sense, and inspiration by Jason from EOC, the exaggerated stats caused by running Sage for the first time (or by an existing Sage installation detecting a new member) have been reduced dramatically.

The first time you run Sage, you'll get a lot of zeros. Don't worry; that's perfectly normal and expected. Everything after that first update should stay very consistent (much more so than with the previous release of Sage).... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-18

Sage 1.1.0 released!!

The long-awaited second major release of the Sage Folding@Home stats system is here!

Unlike the many releases before it, Sage 1.1.0 is 100% complete. It includes the complete, fully-updated, second-generation backend, as well as a totally new frontend web interface.

I wanted to get this release out of the door as soon as possible, so the frontend is somewhat simplistic. It improves greatly on the shortcomings of its predecessor; nevertheless, it falls short of the complexity and depth found in some other systems, like that of EOC. The next significant release of Sage will bring the frontend up to par.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-18

Sage 1.0.7 released

Sage 1.0.7 fixes another critical division-by-zero bug. Upgrade now, or suffer the consequences. :-P

In case you haven't noticed, we're using the new version numbering system now. Just for clarification, if we were using the old version, this release would be numbered 0.02-back-7.

See the official thread at SamuraiDev for details: http://samuraidev.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=564#564

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-17

Immediate Version Numbering System Revision

We will immediately be switching to a Linux kernel style version numbering system. The latest release (sage-0.02-back-6) will become sage-1.0.6 (sage 0.02 would not be compatible at /all/ with sage 0.01, thus we must increment the major number).

Current Sage releases will not have their version numbers modified. Only new releases will reflect this change.

Thanks for your cooperation!


Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-16

Complete Sage backend sources, version 6, released

sage-0.02-back-6 fixes a few small but critical errors.

I'm now running the latest release of sage-0.02-back on the SamuraiDev webserver regularly (via Cron), so releases will likely roll out rapidly until I get all of the bugs worked out.



Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-16

Complete Sage backend sources, version 5, released

There are no typos in the header. The backend for Sage 0.02 is now complete and functional!!

Please download and set up the Sage 0.02 backend as soon as you can. First of all, the sooner you set up the backend, the more accurate and abundant your stats will be when we roll out the frontend. Second of all, I desperately need beta-testers!

Developers, I've also cleaned up the code a bit and added some much-needed commentage! ... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-15

Partial Sage 0.02 backend sources, version 4, released

I know, I know, you're tired of these partial, mid-development half-releases. I'm sorry. I've been very busy as of late with school, the end of the track season, and other private matters, so development has reached an all-time record low pace. Releasing small updates often is the most logical route, not to mention the safest (as far as backups are concerned).

Sage 0.02, backend sources version 4, is basically just an extension of version 3. It takes version 3, and adds more building blocks to the still incomplete process_home function. That's pretty much it.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-04-14

Partial Sage 0.02 backend sources, version 3, released

I've made yet another update to the partial sources for the Sage 0.02 backend. The most important addition to these is the implementation of a new database management system wrapper class, allowing compatibility with a wider variety of SQL-based database APIs. See the release's Change Log and Notes, and the official thread at SamuraiDev (http://samuraidev.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=114), for more information.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-03-20

Partial Sage 0.02 backend sources, version 2, released

Revised sources for the first half of the Sage 0.02 backend sources have been released. Again, these are primarily meant for developers, but do what you want. For more information, see the release notes and change log, and the official thread at SamuraiDev at:



Posted by Chandler May 2005-03-11

Partial Sage 0.02 backend sources released

See the official thread at SamuraiDev (http://samuraidev.com) for more details: http://samuraidev.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=93

Basically, this is a fraction of the sources for Sage 0.02, for development purposes primarily. /Please/ send any feedback my way.

Posted by Chandler May 2005-03-11

Sage 0.02 underway; major changes ahead

We have already taken great strides towards the much-anticipated ;-) release of Sage 0.02. With the help of some friendly developers over at folding-community, I have redesigned the database structure along with a significant portion of the code.

The database will now consist of a table for each update (along with an assortment of other, miscellaneous tables), instead of a table for each user, as it was in 0.01. This will force major changes in the processing half of the stats-refreshing scripts. Additionally, we will now use the explode function (whose existence was unknown to me until just a few days ago) in lieu of the clunky preg_match statements of before.... read more

Posted by Chandler May 2005-02-23

Sage 0.01 is ready!

Sage Folding@Home Stats System version 0.01 is ready for deployment. Readme included. Get it while its hot!

Posted by Chandler May 2005-02-17