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avir 2015-02-04 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [cae715] sagator-1.3.1-0.beta3.exp2
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interscan 2015-04-09 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [4fa629] geoip_country() policy scanner.
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srv 2014-05-22 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [dca0f6] sagator-1.3.0-0.rc2
test 2012-12-19 ondrejj ondrejj [016420] sagator-1.3.0-0.beta41
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COPYING 2007-06-16 ondrejj ondrejj [431796] update
ChangeLog 2015-02-04 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [cae715] sagator-1.3.1-0.beta3.exp2 2014-08-21 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [c86000] sagator-1.3.1-0.beta2.exp1
README 2008-01-10 ondrejj ondrejj [887b8a] update
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TODO 2012-02-04 ondrejj ondrejj [6a76b5] update 2008-10-13 ondrejj ondrejj [d29947] autocommit 2014-06-01 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [31532f] sagator-1.3.0-0.rc4 2006-01-14 ondrejj ondrejj [e5fc01] update 2011-07-07 ondrejj ondrejj [d4d6f9] sagator-1.3.0-0.beta28
configure 2014-07-09 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [68b56a] sagator-1.3.0-0.rc6 2009-11-20 ondrejj ondrejj [d68574] sagator-1.2.0-0.rc29 2009-11-12 ondrejj ondrejj [0e0c60] sagator-1.2.0-0.rc27 2008-10-13 ondrejj ondrejj [d29947] autocommit 2006-01-04 ondrejj ondrejj [a3e7eb] initial import 2011-04-14 ondrejj ondrejj [a5f89c] sagator-1.3.0-0.beta26
rsync 2009-05-26 ondrejj ondrejj [a99121] sagator-1.2.0-0.rc1 2009-11-02 ondrejj ondrejj [40afda] update 2009-10-26 ondrejj ondrejj [1328e0] sagator-1.2.0-0.rc21 2009-02-18 ondrejj ondrejj [b4b722] ver1.2.0 2009-10-26 ondrejj ondrejj [1328e0] sagator-1.2.0-0.rc21 2011-04-14 ondrejj ondrejj [a5f89c] sagator-1.3.0-0.beta26 2007-04-17 ondrejj ondrejj [2dfb53] autocommit 2011-07-07 ondrejj ondrejj [d4d6f9] sagator-1.3.0-0.beta28 2007-08-04 ondrejj ondrejj [b5c458] update 2015-04-10 Jan ONDREJ (SAL) Jan ONDREJ (SAL) [bc3aea] sagator-1.3.1-0.beta4

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 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 (at your option) any later version.

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