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First international SAGA GIS User meeting.

On the 6th of July, 2006, the first international SAGA GIS User and developer meeting will be held at the AGIT Symposium in Salzburg.

SAGA (System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses) is a fast-spreading Open-source GIS software, with a special "Application Programming Interface" (API) for geographic data processing and a user-friendly Graphical Interface. SAGA GIS supports raster data (e.g. digital terrain models, satellite images), vector data, and tables. The global development process yields a vast amount of application opportunities and an ever-growing number of sets of geoscientific methods and analysis tools, bundled in exchangeable Module Libraries.... read more

Posted by SAGA 2006-01-15

SAGA GIS 2.0 Beta (2nd Update)

SAGA 2.0 Beta (Update - December 07, 2005)

Dear SAGA users,

on November 3, 2005 the first SAGA user meeting took place at the University of Goettingen, Germany, with the aim to give room for discussions between SAGA developers and users, which included scientists as well as governmental and private organisations. To find out more about this very interesting meeting (discussion topics and presentation abstracts) go to the official SAGA homepage at read more

Posted by Olaf Conrad 2005-12-19

First German SAGA GIS User Meeting.

______German Text________

                 1. SAGA GIS User Treffen
                    03. November 2005,
                         9:30 Uhr
                  Universitt Gttingen

Im Rahmen der Foren 2005 des Kompetenz-zentrums fr Geoinformatik (GiN)
( richten das GiN-Kompetenzzentrum fr Geoinformatik
und die Abteilung fr Physische Geographie der Universitt Gttingen das
Forum:... read more

Posted by SAGA 2005-09-28

SAGA GIS 2.0 Beta (1st Update)

SAGA GIS 2.0 Beta (1st Update - 09.09.2005)

Dear SAGA users,

slowly but surely the SAGA development continues. Due to your feedback a number of bugs could be fixed and also several new features based on your suggestions have been included in the current release. Though SAGA becomes more and more stable, we call it still a beta version. Besides further bug fixing many things are left to do before releasing a final version 2.0:... read more

Posted by Olaf Conrad 2005-09-19

Call for the first German SAGA GIS User Meeting.

------------------------------German Text---------------------------------

Liebe SAGA GIS NutzerInnen,

im Rahmen der Foren 2005 des Kompetenzzentrums fr Geoinformatik (GiN)
( richten die SAGA Usergroup e.V. (
und die Abteilung fr Physische Geographie der Universitaet Goettingen
das Forum:
'OpenSource / freie GIS'
am 03. November 2005 in Goettingen aus.

Thematische Schwerpunkte sind OpenSource GIS in Forschung, Lehre und Praxis. ... read more

Posted by SAGA 2005-09-08

SAGA 2.0 Beta Release

SAGA 2.0 Beta - Release Notes

Dear SAGA users, is now about a year ago, when I decided to start to develop a new SAGA version. This seemed to be necessary for several reasons, mainly related to the graphical user interface (GUI) and the data management. Also there occured a number of problems and limitations using the MFC and the MS-Windows API. So it was a good time to choose an alternative GUI platform too. My first choice became the wxWidgets C++ cross platform GUI toolkit (, a comprehensive and well matured toolkit with ports for various compilers and operating systems. Therefore you find now SAGA binaries for MS-Windows and Linux. Also there is a MS-Windows version compiled with the MinGW compiler (attention: because of incompatible class library export definitions this version is not compatible with the one compiled with the Microsoft compiler - use either one of the versions!).... read more

Posted by Olaf Conrad 2005-06-07

Open Source Award for SAGA GIS

GIS wins the 4th award at the Galileo Computing "Open Source
Sponsoring 2005"competition. More Information on

"" the Galileo Computing Website.

Posted by SAGA 2005-04-18

SAGA 1.2 release

Dear SAGA-User,

some news from the developer team.

  1. SAGA 1.2 release
  2. SAGA 2.0 perview
  3. SAGA manual
  4. Call for project descriptions
  5. Support SAGA GIS

  1. SAGA 1.2 release

The SAGA developer team just released the new version of open source GIS SAGA.
SAGA 1.2 is now online!!

Just download it under read more

Posted by SAGA 2005-03-10

Visit us at CeBIT Hannover 2005

This year we are presenting SAGA-GIS at the CeBIT in Hanover.
You can meet the SAGA Developer Team in Hall 9, Booth B22

CeBit 2005 10 -16 March 2005

Posted by SAGA 2005-02-28

SAGA GIS manual

Dear SAGA users,

Victor Olaya has finished a first
"Beta Version" of the SAGA GIS manual:

"A gentle introduction to SAGA GIS"

which will be released at the end of
October along with the SAGA GIS 1.2 version.

We invite you to download and review
this manual or even single chapters or

You can find this manual under the
following address: ... read more

Posted by SAGA 2004-08-26

SAGA GIS 1.1 released

Dear SAGA GIS User,

the SAGA developer team just released SAGA GIS version 1.1.

SAGA GIS 1.1 comes with improved vector data handling and
drawing performance. There also are some new modules like:
Projection - GeoTRANS, a module for coordinate transformations
based on the GeoTRANS-engine of the National Imagery and
Mapping Agency (NIMA) or Grid_IO_GDAL,
a SAGA interface module
to Frank Warmerdam's (
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) for import of various
raster formats.... read more

Posted by SAGA 2004-06-03

SAGA 1.0 (System for an Automated Geo-scientific Analysis)

SAGA -- System for an Automated Geo-scientific Analysis -- a free Geographical Information System (GIS) is released in Version 1.0.

The SAGA API supports grid data like digital terrain models and satellite images, vector data, and tables.

This API makes it easy to implement new algorithms and exempts the developer from hassle programming overhead like user-interface design or file-io.

SAGA comes with a big collection of SAGA-Modules, in areas of terrain-analysis, geo-statistics, image processing and process simulation.

Posted by SAGA 2004-02-22