GDAL 1.10.1 in SAGA 2.1.2?

  • MacPgmr

    Could you consider bundling GDAL 1.10.1 libraries instead of the current 1.10.0 libraries, which are now more than a year old and contain bugs that were fixed last spring soon after release of 1.10.0.

    QGIS and other packagers are shipping GDAL 1.10.1.

    Note I'm not suggesting GDAL 1.11, which was recently released. Like the original 1.10, 1.11 might still be a little raw.



  • Hm, I don't know - actually I'm in favour to release the SAGA 2.1.2 windows builds with GDAL 1.11. This version contains my enhancements to the SAGA GDAL driver to respect projection information, which is a useful addition I think. On the other hand I'm using my own builds anyway, so it is not a problem for me. Maybe others like to speak up what they think about the issue.

    BTW, did you see my posting to, do you still encounter this problem?

  • Rainer Hurling
    Rainer Hurling

    I am using SAGA GIS on FreeBSD and a bit on Windows7.

    For me it would be nice, if we will have GDAL 1.11 support with SAGA related enhancements and many more new features. On FreeBSD, GDAL version 1.11 is standard now for some weeks and no bigger problems are known to me.

    So, I would vote for gdal 1.11

    Thanks for asking