#193 SAGA Wetness Index taking for ever to complete

Pierre Dubeau

I am trying to calculate the SAGA Wetness Index. I'm using a PRISM-derived 5m DEM/DSM. The process is taking forever to complete, and I'm still waiting for its completion while writing this post. What seems to be holding it out appears to be the calculation of the 'Catchment Area' or a process related with it, based on what I'm reading at the bottom of the screen.
This appear to be an iterative process where a number of 'cells'(?) >0 is estimated at each pass. At the start, this number was in the millions, and it followed a downward trend, first rapidly decreasing and as I'm now reaching 1000, the numbers are widely fluctuating, from its current lowest value, say 1000 (+3 to 5 thousands). At any rate, it may eventually reach zero or not. I will interrupt the process and hope that someone can help with this issue.
Many Thanks, Pierre.
(p.s. I could provide the DEM (GeoTIFF), however it is ~360mb.)


  • The iterative process can take a long time to complete, depending on the terrain you are processing. Maybe it would be worth to introduce a new module parameter to allow to set a maximum number of iterations, but currently you have to wait until it finishes.



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