#120 Release 2.0.7 (and 2.0.6) : bug with Mac OS X ... but almost

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Laurent Delphin

Please find hereafter two remarks (bug) when trying to build SAGA v. 2.0.7

(and 2.0.6) with Mac OS X (Snow Leopard - v. 1.6.7). the 1st is not too
important, because due to an incompatibility with wxWidgets 2.9 (a beta
version). the second one is more critical, and should this bug be fixed, I
am very confident to install the last two versions of SAGA.

  1. A common error for all versions of SAGA (from 2.0 through 2.0.7)
    Examples :
  2. v. 2.0.5 -> api_callback.cpp:535:error:conversion from 'wxCStddata' to
    non-scalar type 'CSG_string' requested
  3. v. 2.0.6 -> api_callback.cpp:608:error:conversion from 'wxCStddata' to
    non-scalar type 'CSG_string' requested
  4. v. 2.0.7 -> api_callback.cpp:611:error:conversion from 'wxCStddata' to
    non-scalar type 'CSG_string' requested

Note that this error is issued with wxWidgets v. 2.9.x, the current beta
version. I then rebuilt wxWidgets with its last stable version, namely, v.
2.8.12 (Cocoa flag - mac os x), and it seems that this bug is removed.

  1. DWORD: a SQL - header file - error ?
    With wxWidgets v. 2.8.12, and architecture i386 (32 bits), I still tried
    to build SAGA v. 2.0.7. A new error was issued:

In file included from /usr/include/sql.h:92,
from otlv4.h:9737,
from saga_odbc_cpp:78,
/usr/include/iodbunix.h:128:error: conflicting declaration 'typedef
unsigned int DWORD'
../../../src/saga_core/saga_api/api_core.h:146:error 'DWORD' has a
previous declaration as 'typedef long unsigned int DWORD'

Please find included two zip files with log files and bash script files

Again, I do hope that SAGA run under Mac OS X. Now, with the two last
versions (namely, 2.0.6 and 2.0.7), I am very much confident that it can
run now. Apart the previous '2nd' error indicated above thta your
developers can fix easily I think.

Eventually, should I receive the appropriate information, please be
confident that I will give you my own informations - and possibly
screenshots ! - to acknowledge SAGA running with Mac OS X. So, under all
UNIX platforms I guess.

Thank you in advance.
Hoping you a good receipt.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

A Mac OS X user


  • Edit api_core.h line 146, and replace the typedef by
    typedef unsigned int DWORD

    This is actually a bug in IODBC but this workaround should work.

  • According to your comment dated 2011-06-21 (14:06:46 CEST), the bug was fixed. Thank you very much.

    However, a new bug was found crashing the compilation process, due to wxWidgets. In fact, I failed to build wxGTK (i.e., wxWidgets with teh GTK option) and I am currently trying to fix it. Besides, building wxWidgets without the GTK option - in fact, build with the (default ?) mac option was successful. SAGA GIS seems not allowing it in its compilation process.

  • man_e

    • status: open --> closed


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