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SafePeer is outdated - please read

Hi folks,

it's been a while since I released the last version of SafePeer, over 4 years now.
Since then I've been quite busy and didn't track the development of Azureus which has now become Vuze.

I apologize to people sending me emails for problems with SafePeer, I really wanted to answer but had other things ongoing and forgot to reply.

Today I wanted to take a look at how things evolved and eventually update somehow SafePeer but I just saw that Vuze built in support for automatic IP-filter loading. This is great and you should use it now. Take a look at the Azureus Wiki for "Safepeer Migration" on how to use it.... read more

Posted by Ludovic Kim-Xuan Galibert 2009-02-07

SafePeer 2.5.1 released

Release for backwards compatibility when updating from Azureus. The GUI will not show up if the properties for the proxy are missing, which happens since Azureus doesn't overwrite the properties files.
You should get this version anyway even if you update manually.

Posted by Ludovic Kim-Xuan Galibert 2004-12-12

SafePeer 2.5 released

1 bug fix, structural change of files, see release notes.

Posted by Ludovic Kim-Xuan Galibert 2004-12-11

SafePeer 2.4.1 released

2 Bugfixes, see release notes.

Posted by Ludovic Kim-Xuan Galibert 2004-12-09

SafePeer on Sourceforge!!!

I wanted to do this already since a long time. Due to my lack of time, it would be nice if some people could help keeping SafePeer bug-free and up to date. If you want to contribute contact me.

Posted by Ludovic Kim-Xuan Galibert 2004-12-08