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Calling it 2.0

This has only limited linux support... but windows is solid and stable... oh wait it still needs shortcuts .. cause noone can double-click on this to run it - have to run things from the command line in the appropriate start directory.

Sorry - working on this...

Posted by Jim 2010-06-04

Repository Move

Moving to mercurial repository instead of SVN.
mercurial link is

Posted by Jim 2010-05-08

New Documentation Project in progress

NASM as available, not a requirement, but there are features that improve when optimized. If you trust your compiler, I hole heartedly recommend using the C code only. Everything that was built in assembly was built in C also.

Also, built CMake project chain, in favor of custom makefiles. I will depricate the existing build system, and cmake will be come primary. Hopefully CMake will support features like PROJECT_GROUP to help build appropriate visual studio solutions. I've had to hand maintain versions back since VS7... deleted VS6 support a long long time ago, but I'm sure that the older versions would not have built anyhow.... read more

Posted by Jim 2010-03-29

Okay no wait.... that was sad and morbid...

Updated SVN to have sqlite0.5.9
Still updating this.
Exposed sql later to .NET.
Have embedded sack controls within .NET framework.
have embedded sack controls within mono framework.

Still updates to be had... just - anyone that might happen to see this that can produce something like I dunno a TV commercial? A 30 second promo for playing on airport kiosks?

Posted by Jim 2008-06-19

Closed on account of Death

The recent noted (and maybe accepted with reluctance) of C has put certain dampers on this proeject.

Updated SVN repository with latest and greatest - and call it checkpoint 1.

SVN is now the active home... CVS has many historical notes until 2006 which then became a monotone repository. If only Tortoise SVN would do Tortoise MTN

Posted by Jim 2007-08-29

Development Continues

Okay so there's no such thing as a FINAL release.

Development now includes C++ stabilization, C# interface by compilation as a CLR project. Includes support for PNG, JPEG, ZLIB, Freetype, but, public REF classes are not developed yet to interface the other direction( that is C# using SACK as a library)

Posted by Jim 2006-12-26

CVS Update and file release

Released a version 1.0. Unfortunatly this still has no clear howto guide to help jump start you. The VC projects compile the library only, though many sample projects exist and build successfully. Still slaved to watcom c/c++ and visual studio c++ and gcc/g++.

Update CVS from Monotone. I forgot just how slow CVS was.

Posted by Jim 2006-08-03

CVS Update

Lots of changes have been done... VC8 projects added...

SACK is now seperated into BAGs (Basic Aggregate Groupings)

bag.dll now contains all core libraries that do not require a display. Logging, containters, message services, memory, networking, png, jpg, zlib, freetype, other stuff... some of which is not included under Linux, but as stated before uses already installed versions (things like png, zlib, freetype, for instances)...... read more

Posted by Jim 2006-04-25


I'm moving to a monotone repository. This will help developments between seperate efforts support better branching. It's formal trunk branch will be org.d3x0r.sack.

Servers as yet unpublishable.

Posted by Jim 2005-07-28