#125 Employee departments cache problem

sndcsd (16)
Seth Remington

If an employee is added or removed from a department
through DCS web it seems that the DCS daemon doesn't
pick up the changes. Must be a caching problem since
DCS web and sndcsd are running their own Webware
instances. employee.departments() (EmployeeProxy
object) doesn't reflect the changes.

To recreate: Turn on department_jobs in the sndcs2.conf
config. Add a department to an employee. Select the
employee in sndcs_gtk and go to the
available_activities. The filtered list will not
include the new department jobs.

One possible solution is to add a
self.employee._department = None to force the cache to
reread from the database in
sndcs/server/EmployeeProxy.py. That just seems like a
temporary patch of a larger problem though. I suppose
that having two Webware caches is ultimately a larger
problem and any editing of the datavbase should be done
through the sndcsd daemon.