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Saada / News: Recent posts

Saada1.5.beta0 release

Saada1.5.beta0 released.
The goal of this major evolution is to make Saada quite more user friendly.
The data loader has been redesigned in order to offer more flexibility and more options.
Saada meta-data support now UTypes
SaadaQL supports constraints expressed with UTypes
A new administration tool provides an intuitive way to handle both data and meta-data.
Some features are still out of this beta release (e.g. relationships)

Posted by SAADA 2008-01-24

Saada 1.4.2

Saada 1.4.2 has been released on June 2007 30th

Posted by SAADA 2007-07-10

Next Saada Release

The next release (beta) will be delivered this month (sept 2006).
It includes some of new features (VOtables,SSA, UCD queries, new GUI, new admin interface...)
The code has been optimized and partially redisgned. It will be uploaded on SF CVS repository when this version will be stable enough.

Posted by SAADA 2006-09-05