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SIGTERM (Terminated) while monitoring sa_repo

  • jewsco jacquez
    jewsco jacquez


    I'm using Sendmail Analyzer 3.0 running under SUSE 10 Sp1 x86_64 and i came accross this problem. When i'm querying the months, it doesn't show all the page. It will only shows part of the days like 01,02,03 then end.

    I tried to do a ltrace and at the bottom part it is showing SIGTERM. I'm wondering who killed the session.. Any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    malloc(64) = 0x60cb4210
    memset(0x60cb4210, '\000', 64) = 0x60cb4210
    malloc(8) = 0x60cb41d0
    memmove(0x60cb41d0, 0x8ab810, 3, 0x60caaa00, 0) = 0x60cb41d0
    free(0x60cb42b0) = <void>
    free(0x60cb42d0) = <void>
    memcpy(0x006a13e0, "P\366\312`", 8) = 0x006a13e0
    memmove(0x47ef0b00, 0x4d1e7e, 0, 1, 0 <unfinished ...>
    --- SIGTERM (Terminated) ---
    +++ killed by SIGTERM +++

    • Darold Gilles
      Darold Gilles

      Please use sa_cache.pl (See README), it is used to compute cache statistics
      to avoid memory problem on medium or huge sendmail server. Run sa_cache.pl each nigth you will experience speed without crash :-)

      If you do not do this and go to a month view the CGI script have to store each days
      logs entries to memory before computing statistics for the month. With sa_cache.pl
      it only have to compute stats for the current day and add them to month cached