Hi all,

Please forgive me if i violate any rule before mailing in this mailing list as this is my first mail.

I am using s3cmd-1.0.0 from many days but today i faced a serious face while downloading one file from s3bucket :

enterprisedb@123:~$ s3cmd get s3:/mybucket/backup120808-0705.tar.bz2
s3:/mybucket/backup120808-0705.tar.bz2 -> ./backup120808-0705.tar.bz2  [1 of 1]
ERROR: S3 error: 403 (Forbidden)

All othere commands ls ,du etc are working fine and one strange thing is that when i am issuing the same command from one host with the same user credentials, my command succeeds and didn't fail.

Don't know what is wrong and when i do some Rnd and find AWS_QUERYSTRING_AUTH = False will solve this issue but this also fails.

Pls let me know if anyone has any idea abt this.