Throttling uploads?

  •  jasbur

    Is it possible to throttle the upload speed of s3cmd? I have a 1mbit upload speed on my office DSL and s3cmd uses all of it (as I would expect) when uploading files. The problem is my cheap little DSL modem can't keep up, and all other internet traffic pretty much comes to a halt while this is happening.

    Is there a way to limit the bandwidth used by s3cmd? If I could back it off by even 100kbit/s it would make a huge difference.


  • Anonymous

    I have a similar problem to jasbur0; and I don't think, in my case, wonder shaper will work.  My issue is that I have a webserver that once a day uploads files to S3.  It's at rackspace so I have lots of bandwidth; but sometimes the s3cmd tool will use every last drop of it, causing essentially an outage for a period of a few minutes for people trying to get to the website.

    It would be really nice to specify an option on s3cmd to not use more then x amount of bandwidth.  IF anyone has another solution, please let me know.

  • Dean

    Is it possible that s3cmd is not properly closing HTTP connections? I've seen this bug in several other client libraries in researching this problem.