difference between database

  • Vic

    so how is a semantic database different than a relational database? just curios...

    • Helena Deus
      Helena Deus

      For a long discussion on that issue, please see: <a href="http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v24/n9/full/nbt0906-1070.html">Nature Biotechnology (2006) 24(9):1070-1071</a>

      This is an extract of that publication, it might elucidate the nature of semantic databases:

      The proposed implementation of editable
      semantic reposition relies on a relational
      backbone made of three tables: rules,
      statements and resources. The concept
      driving the configuration of S3DB is purely
      semantic and relies solely on documenting
      an entity relationship (ER) model12 of
      the type [Subject][Property][Object]. The
      solution that enables editable data model
      reposition consists of an indexing scheme
      where the permanence of the indexes
      rather than the permanence of the element
      names allows renaming and reassociation
      without loss of content. Although the
      relational backbone of S3DB consists of
      three tables, they do not establish a relational
      model. Instead, their interoperation relies
      on a validation engine that checks for
      syntactic and semantic consistency