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#13 Tinting the window background

Marco Guazzone

It would be nice if rxvt is capable to tint the
background (eventually
transparent) with a certain colour; this feature is
present in
aterm (http://aterm.sourceforge.net/). This is useful
in particular
when the background of the window is transparent and
contains zones with a high contrast making the reading
of text hard.
From the aterm manual:
"-tint color:
Turn on pseudo transparency background tinting.
Tinting can be done
fast and slow way. In fast way it will be done
by combining of background
color with tinting color using logical
function. This function defaults
to AND, and it can be changed using '-tinttype'
option - see below.
In general solid colors like Blue, Red, Green,
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
are good, but you should experiment with it for
each background you have.
True tinting is more memory and CPU hungry -
tinted copy of background
image will be created every time you
move/resize window. It alows for more
smooth tinting thou.
-tinttype type:
Allows you to specify logical function to be
used when tinting
transparent background. That will cause aterm
to logically combine
text with background pixels. NOTE: If shading
option is used,
or background image is specifyed - 'true' type
will always be used.
That works with bpth transparent background and
background image.
Possible values are :
Fast tinting options :
'and', 'andReverse', 'andInverted', 'xor',
'or', 'nor',
'invert', 'equiv', 'invert', 'orReverse',
Slow tinting:
'true' - will do true tinting - that means
that background pixel's
RGB components will be decreased
proportionaly to the RGB components
of specified tinting color;


  • Marco Guazzone
    Marco Guazzone

    aterm with a greenish tinted backgroung

  • Marco Guazzone
    Marco Guazzone

    rxvt on the same background

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    Translucent windows is a feature that should be torn out of the code entirely.

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    mrxvt (multi-tab rxvt, http://materm.sourceforge.net\)
    supports tinting now!