0.1.5 Released!

Okay, development might be slow for a little bit because I'll need to build Indianapolis's offence, Philadelphia's defence, and basically fix a lot of the stuff that I've hardcoded into the game.

Right now, though, you can basically play either the Philly offence or the Indy defence, and play continues until a touchdown, a safety, or your 4 downs run out.

Most of the coding happening right now is to make sure it's scalable, so there won't be much in the way of feature increases for a little bit. Hopefully, though, by the end of January, we'll be at 0.2.0, or maybe beyond if punting/kicking is implemented without too much trouble.

Special thanks to Matthew L Daniel for the first submitted patch. Hopefully this thing will be workable straight out of the zip file for Linux machines.

Posted by aendeuryu 2005-01-11