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  • fadetoblack

    Can we expect any updates to Rufus any time soon?

    • d0c 54v4g3
      d0c 54v4g3

      Appologies for my lack of activity on the project... I've taken some time off development after getting a lot of email abuse from angry users infected with the spyware that came with 'Torrentspy Rufus'.  That whole thing really pissed me off.

      Anyways development is getting back on track once again and a new version will be along shortly ;)


      • marc

        I wouldn't stress the real users and any users that post on here will know what the truth is.

        I actually like Rufus and I wish I could contribute in programming but alas my Python knowledge is severely limited :(

      • dimethicone

        Looking at the CVS, nothing new in the last 9 months.

        I hope your moving went well. Your site is now the second result for "rufus" on google, so you can't worry about silly users that install junk from untrustable places.

        Rufus really is appreciated. It has the compatible and standard BitTorrent code (pre-licence change), working additional options as in BitTornado, and a decent UI without a huge java slowdown.

    • Hazawrath

      YYeah.... Was kind of worried I was looking at the last update....

      Anyway can't wait to see the next version

    • dash

      Too bad for the users that downloaded spyware. It happens when the user is irresponsible. Your site is the fourth result for "rufus"- anyone that downloads a spyware version is being tricked, and the spyware distributors are just using your program's name.

      You could do something to make adding spyware more difficult. A note on the spyware on the homepage, a link to a free spyware remover (like spybot @ kolla.de). I just installed Macromedia Flash and it tried to install a yahoo toolbar.

      In conclusion, if you need to in order to continue development, just laugh at the idiots that click banners and install their software. Best of luck with continuing development!